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Sex during pregnancy is safe or not

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  1. Is sex during pregnancy different
  2. Is pregnancy reduce sexual desire
  3. Is sex during pregnancy harm the baby
  4. Advantages of sex during pregnancy
  5. Conclusion
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After marriage, pregnancy is one of the main events in a women’s life, and becomes a mother in their life. It occurs when a sperm fertilizes an egg when it is released from the ovary during ovulation. After that, the fertilized egg travels down into the uterus where implantation occurs, and successful implantation result in pregnancy.

Is sex during pregnancy different

Sex can feel is little different when the woman is pregnant. The volume of blood is increased by 40 percent that can not only swell the breasts but also can enhance sensitivity during sensual zones. This condition of women can make sex more intense with several orgasms.

Is pregnancy reduce sexual desire

Low libido is common during pregnancy in which around 60 percent of women reporting about an inhibited sex drives at some point. However, the libido of women is returning to its expected to be soon after born of a child. The question arises that is pregnancy reduces sexual desire. During pregnancy, the bodies of some women respond with hormonal changes with an amped-up libido that lowering sexual desire. Thus, in some cases, pregnancy reduce the sexual desire among women. 

Is sex during pregnancy harm the baby

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There is a great chance of sex can harm the baby if you had a difficult time conceiving the baby. If you have any problem then ask your doctor that is it safe to sex with their partner during pregnancy. If your gynecologist gives permission for sex during pregnancy then there is no need to worry about sexual intercourse in pregnancy

Advantages of sex during pregnancy

There are several advantages of sexual intercourse with their partner during pregnancy are as discussed below – 

  • Help in relieving discomfort and pain

    – If you attain orgasms, a hormone known as oxytocin gets released in the body. Oxytocin is one of the important hormones, which enhances the tolerance to pain and release suitable amounts of this hormone. It can help in relieving the pain related to pregnancy.

  • Improves physical health

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    – If you can sexual intercourse with your partner during pregnancy for 30 minutes then it can burn 50 calories and helps in maintaining the blood pressure which is a benefit for you.

  • Increase sleep quality

    – It is one of the main advantages of sex during pregnancy that occurs due to the release of a feel-good hormone known as oxytocin. Thus, it improves the mood naturally and physical health and quality of sleep will also get increase.

  • Boost mood

    – If you can sexual activity with your partner then it changes the mood and enhances the level of hormone can trigger anxiety or stress. During sexual activity, the release of orgasm is a benefit for your physical health. It also provides the feeling of joy and love that comes closer with your partner during pregnancy sex with a great mood.

  • Support postpartum recovery

    – Pregnancy sex strengthens the pelvic muscles and helps in recovering after delivery. You can also try several exercises during sex when you wish to strengthen your pelvic muscles even more. 

  • Improves bond with your partner

    – Pregnancy sex helps in improving bond with their partner. Sexual intercourse is one of the best ways for improving the bond with their partner that helps in strengthening the relationship between husband and wife.


In this discussion, there are several benefits of sexual activity during pregnancy. It proves that it is safe for sex when your partner is pregnant.  If you want to sex with your partner during pregnancy then permission from your doctor. If your doctor gives permission then you will sex with your partner at the time of pregnancy with some precautions that help in boosting mood, improves sleep quality, and strengthen your relationship with your partner.


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