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Promethazine : Uses, Side-effects, Precautions and More

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Quick Information

  1. Introduction
  2. Uses
  3. How to take
  4. Dosage instructions
  5. Side-effects
  6. Precautions


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Promethazine was made by a team of scientists from Rhone-Poulenc laboratories in the year 1940 and is a generic medication. This medicine was approved in the United States for medical use in the year 1951. Promethazine was the 150th most commonly prescribed medicine with more than 4 million prescriptions in the United States in the year 2018 and is available under several brand names all over the world. This medicine is stored at room temperature away from moisture and light.


Promethazine is a medicine that can be used in the treatment of nausea, allergies, and problem in sleeping. This medicine may help with some symptoms, which are linked to the common cold. It can also be used for sedating people who are agitated or anxious and is available as a syrup or tablet in different strengths. It may be also used in the treatment of allergy symptoms including itching, runny nose, and rash. This medicine is an antihistamine and preventing a natural substance (histamine) that your body makes during an allergic reaction.

How to take

This medicine should be taken with or without food as suggested by your doctor. You should take the first dose of this medicine 30 to 60 minutes before starting travel for motion sickness. This medicine can be taken once regularly before bedtime for avoiding drowsy in a day for allergies. If you use this medicine in liquid form then should carefully measure the dose with the help of a special measuring device or spoon. To measure the correct dose, do not use a household spoon due to it cannot measure the right dose.

Dosage instructions

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The dose of this medicine may depend on age, past or present health conditions, and response to treatment. But the dose can be based on the weight in the case of children. If your condition is not improved after using this medicine for a long time then talk to your doctor.

  • Miss Dose

    – Take this medicine as soon as possible if you missed the dose of this medicine. But do not take a double dose of this medicine as it may cause several side effects, which is not good for your health.

  • Overdose

    – The overdose of this medicine may cause severe side effects and may cause severe side effects that are harmful to your health. If you take the overdose of this medicine then consult your doctor immediately.


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There are some of the side effects after taking Promethazine are as given below –

    • Blurred vision
    • Constipation
    • Dry mouth
    • Drowsiness
    • Irregular heartbeat
    • Hallucinations
    • Confusion
    • Dizziness
    • Nervousness
    • Tongue movement
    • Sore throat
    • Nausea
    • Stomach pain
    • Vomiting

After taking this medicine if you feel any side effects for a long time then talk to your doctor immediately for medical help.


There are some of the precautions after taking this medicine for treatment are listed below

  • Do not take this medicine and consult your doctor if you have uncontrollable movements of arms, legs, tongue, eyes, and lips that can be dangerous side effects and harmful for your health.
  • This medicine should not recommend to a child younger than 2 years old as it may cause severe breathing problems in a child.
  • You should avoid this medicine if you are allergic to this medicine.
  • During medication, do not take a large amount of alcohol as it may increase the effects of side effects.
  • If you feel any severe side effects after taking this medicine then contact your doctor for medical help.
  • You should avoid any physical activities or not drive any vehicle after taking this medicine as it may cause dizziness or sleepiness and increases the possibility of an accident during driving any vehicle.
  • You should follow all the instructions on prescriptions before taking this medicine.
  • If you are suffering from asthma, or any breathing problem then consults with your doctor before taking this medicine.
  • If you are pregnant and interested to use this medicine then consult your doctor before taking this medicine.

Do not increase the dose of this medicine without consulting with your doctor as it may cause side effects.


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