Thursday, February 2, 2023

Is Stress May Cause Sexual Dysfunction

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Healthy sexual life is very important for couples that play an important in maintaining their strong relationship between couples. As we know a sexual relationship between couples is very personal. But if any male individual is suffering from sexual dysfunction, then it may cause difficulties that change their happy life. Sexual dysfunction has a direct impact on the lives of couples and also affects their relationship. 

If any man suffering from impotence, then he feels guilty and embarrassed about their inability to satisfy their partner. He cannot share their feelings with their partner, close family members, and friends that increase the risk of getting depressed. There are some of the factors, which are linked to the occurrence of erectile dysfunction such as obesity, diabetes, drink alcohol, smoking, and many more. Stress is one of the main factors that cause erectile or sexual dysfunction. As per several studies, it proves that stress may be the cause of the disorder in the sexual function.

Stress is a physiological and psychological response to the pressure on people because of adverse or demanding challenges in their life. Stress is a very common part of everyone’s life but if it occurs for a long time then it affects the health of a person. Several studies show that stress triggers the symptoms of sexual dysfunction, especially in men. Sexual dysfunction is one of the most common sexual diseases in which men are unable to sustain suitable erections during sexual intercourse. This sexual problem is faced by people all over the world including the USA, UK, and Australia. Due to this sexual problem, male people cannot satisfy their female partners in sexual stimulation. Sexual dysfunction is also known as erectile dysfunction or impotence. 

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There are some of the factors that are associated with stress that cause erectile dysfunction are as given below – 

  • As per studies, an increased cortisol hormone in the body and results lowers the level of testosterone in the blood. Cortisol is a hormone, which is released in response to stress and is a very close relationship between the level of testosterone and the functioning of the erectile system. Testosterone is the important sex hormone in male people, which plays a main role in maintaining the nitric oxide level in the penis. The work of nitric oxide is used in getting and maintaining suitable erections during sexual intercourse. Nitric oxide is essential for both the mechanisms, which are required for the proper functioning of the erectile system.
  • Chronic stress may also cause erectile dysfunction due to changes in the daily lifestyle. Any individual who is suffering from chronic stress is responsible for unhealthy habits including smoking, drinking, overeating, and many more with stress. These unhealthy lifestyles may cause the development of the symptoms of impotence, especially in men. If you take a large amount of food due to chronic stress then it may cause obesity, which is also responsible for sexual dysfunction. 
  • As per several studies, it is found that erectile dysfunction is highly linked to severe depression. If chronic stress occurs for a long time, then it may convert into depression There are some emotional symptoms are associated with depression including loneliness, sadness, tension, and many more are linked with impotence. As per scientists, it is found that a large number of male people who are suffering from moderate or severe depression then they may experience low sexual activity. 
  • Mental stress is one of the important factors, which may cause endothelial dysfunction. If any individual is suffering from endothelial dysfunction, the inability to smooth or relax in the muscle that may lower the blood flow and may cause erectile dysfunction.


If you are suffering from stress for a long period then it increases the risk of severe depression that may cause sexual dysfunction. Thus, if you want to lower the risk of impotence then reduce the stress by any trip with friends, daily exercise, listen to music, and many more activities.


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