Friday, September 22, 2023

Is Covid-19 may affect psexual erformance in men

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  1. Possible effects on the Testicles and Penis
  2. Poor mental health
  3. Some factors that cause impotence
  4. Conclusions
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At present, the second layer of covid-19 dangerously rapidly increases all over the world including in India that millions of people are infected in daily cases and also enhance the number of deaths. There are some of the symptoms of Covid-19 including fever, influenza, fatigue, problem in breathing, loss of smell and taste, and more things. This infection is spread from human to human by touching any infected thing.

The question arises is Covid-19 affects the sexual performance of men. Yes, as per some researches that Covid-19 may also lead to impotence in men. Another research found that coronavirus may develop short and long-term sexual and reproductive health issues including erectile dysfunction. Coronavirus may affect both testosterone production and sperm production. Impotence is also known as erectile dysfunction is one of the common sexual problems in which male people are unable to sustain or maintain erections during sexual intercourse. 

There is another cause is that coronavirus can affect the blood vessels of the body and causes a high level of inflammation in the body as a defense response. This high level of inflammation may form several small blood clots and a lining of the blood vessels that lower the blood flow in the body. It is the main cause of erectile dysfunction. Coronavirus is also may worsen the existing heart condition including heart inflammation can cause impotence as a side-effect.

Possible effects on the Testicles and Penis

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There is another theory is that long-term Covid-19 complications may cause damage to the erectile tissue. Coronavirus may cause severe psychological and physiologic stress that reduces testosterone levels and enhance the release of stress hormones. Loss of testosterone may also lead to fibrosis of the penile tissue that is a more difficult and less reversible condition for treatment. Coronavirus can also impact the testicles as per a study. This virus can cause reduced testosterone levels in the body. 

Due to reducing the levels of testosterone, it may cause erectile dysfunction and reduced energy, muscle mass, and libido. 

Poor mental health

Mental health plays an important in healthy sexual life and achieving an erection during sexual intercourse. If you are suffering from any mental health issue then it may cause erectile dysfunction in male people. Covid-19 can cause stress and depression that increases the risk of getting impotent especially in male people. 

Some factors that cause impotence

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As per a study, Covid-19 may also link with erectile dysfunction. There are some of the factors that cause impotence in men are as given below – 

  • Psychological effects

    – Sexual stimulation is linked with mental health. The anxiety, depression, and stress caused by a pandemic can be associated with erectile dysfunction and poor mood.

  • Vascular effects

    – As we know coronavirus may cause hyperinflammation in the body especially in the surrounding muscles and heart that reduce the blood flow to the penis that causes erectile dysfunction in men caused by the virus. 

  • Overall health deterioration

    – Most of the male people with poor health that increase the risk for developing impotence due to Covid-19 or any other diseases. 

As per Dr. Berglund, the long-term Covid-19 complications may cause neurological problems, blood clots, which are harmful to the heart, kidneys, and lungs. It also affects the reproductive and sexual health of men. 


Covid-19 is very dangerous to your health and may also cause impotence due to stress and depression that may be caused by a coronavirus. So, you should take precautions such as wash hands daily, maintain social distancing, wear a mask, avoid visiting crowded places, and many more that may prevent the spread of Covid-19 that lower the risk of erectile dysfunction in male people.


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